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Women's Health Specialists, S.C.


Women's Health Specialists, S.C.

As the design agency of record, we've partnered with Women's Health Specialists, S.C. for more than 4 years.

From brand enhancement to developing a cross-platform marketing campaign, we've elevated the brand to new heights.

Brand Enhancement, Advertising, Campaign Development, Billboard Design, Digital Creative, Implementation


Brand Enhancement Progression • 2014 to 2018


Existing Brand Design


A2Z Brand Refresh


50th Anniversary Brand



The Challenge

Cutting Through the Clutter

How can we raise awareness of Women's Health Specialists and the personalized care that they provide women through all stages of life?

We started this process by refreshing the brand through logo enhancements to give Women's Health Specialists, S.C. the polish that they deserved. From there we began to explore campaign options.

The goal was to develop a memorable marketing campaign that was surprising, hip and relatable to women of all ages. After a large dose of team brainstorming, coffee and late nights, "What Women Really Want" was imagined.





Making the connection

More Than a Campaign

In 2018, we launched Women's Health Specialists' celebratory 50th anniversary brand and temporary milestone campaign. 

The "What Women Really Want" campaign and fresh look that we've created continues to attract attention while delivering a consistent brand image and message across platforms. We've also infused empowering statistics and informational messages throughout the campaign in print and via social media channels.

The marketing campaign that we've designed for Women's Health Specialists, S.C. is unlike any other of its kind in the area, allowing the organization to truly stand out and successfully raise awareness.


Imagine the possibilities


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