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SECURA Insurance

It's a beautiful thing when we're able to work with a company that mirrors our belief that brands need to connect to people.

Annual Report, Design, Art Direction



The Challenge

A Clear Vision

After another successful year, how do we best showcase the company and their people while differentiating from competitors?

After exploring several possible directions, "Our People, Our Future" was selected as the 2017 theme. The messaging strongly emphasized the importance of  SECURA Insurance's people-centric culture. 



Courtesy of SECURA Insurance / © Photo by Zeb Rutter


The power of together

Face to Face

It was fitting to show as many faces of SECURA Insurance as possible. Combining simple and understated design with group photos, large and small, we let the human element take the spotlight. 

At SECURA Insurance, it's about giving it your all. The design of the 2017 Annual Report captured the sentiment well—heart and soul.



Imagine the possibilities


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