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Fox Cities Exhibition Center


Fox Cities Exhibition Center

It's not often that we have the privilege to develop a brand for a project that has been in the works for 30 years.

The 30,000 sq. ft. exhibition facility, with its iconic spire and glass facade, is located in downtown Appleton overlooking Jones Park.

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The Challenge

A Clear Vision

While there were impressive renderings of the building to inspire design, the building was far from a reality. How can we create a brand that is representative of the modern facility, but still represent the charm of the Fox Cities?

The new brand identity will position the Fox Cities Exhibition Center as a premier, state-of-the-art convention and exhibition facility, not just in Northeast Wisconsin, but also throughout the Midwest and around the country. The facility will be known for its innovative use of space and seamless integration into Jones Park. It will generate an estimated $6.5 million in annual revenue to the region and serve as a beacon of pride for the Fox Cities and the ten surrounding municipalities that funded this project.

The ultimate goal was to develop a brand for a financially viable and highly profitable facility that makes people aware of the Fox Cities across the country and worldwide.




The New Identity

Something More

In partnership with stakeholders, we conducted research to determine strong indicators for the brand. From there, we found that the brand should position the new building as a focal point by being aggressive, bright, modern, colorful and exotic. To hit on all of the indicators and imagine something unexpected, we began to explore the proposed architecture for inspiration. 

The final brand depicts the top of the iconic 82-foot tall spire. The lighted spire commemorates the year 1882, when the first hydroelectric power plant in the world was put into operation on the Fox River in Appleton. 

The modern architectural icon combines with beautifully-simple typography and a vibrant, sophisticated color palette to create a visual identity that is flexible across platforms and boasts endless possibilities for brand extension. 



Imagine the possibilities


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