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Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc.


Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc.

We’ve partnered with the Foundation for its yearly report to the community for 10 years.

In that time, the reports have seen dramatic change—from more traditional annual reports with numerous stories and lists, to a newer, truncated format for maximum impact and engagement.

Annual Report Design, Art Direction 



The Challenge

A Broad Representation

How can we tell the story in a more concise and deliberate manner? Can we show inclusivity, and also have a strong focus on individuals? How do we take the community look we’ve developed and push it even further?

Attention spans continue to get shorter and we needed to convey abstract concepts in a simple, yet compelling manner. After exploring both illustrative and photo directions, we proposed taking illustration to the next level by hiring a professional illustrator. Over the years, we’ve partnered with countless illustrators and built lasting relationships. For this particular challenge, we hired Travis Foster to input his creative genius to produce something delightfully unexpected that we could incorporate throughout the report.





Growing Engagement

Bright, clean illustration paired with original photography, resulted in an approachable, dynamic and high-impact report. Each area of the report was reflected and we maintained a focus on individuals while also incorporating an emphasis on inclusivity.  

The creative challenges were resolved with a unique, attention-grabbing and highly functional solution. The 2018 report interpreted complex and often abstract concepts in a seemingly effortless manner. The result is an annual report that people will not only want to read, but also share.


Imagine the possibilities


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